APC Camera Controller

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If you wish to use the Ronin-S/SC/2/RS2 Gimbals as a PTZ Head, you need to purchase the APC with the Ronin 4pin to 3pin control cable. The standard length is 3m/9.8feet. You can email us for a custom length. Bear in mind that you need to have the small DJI Focus Wheel, as mentionned in the video below.

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Product Info

With the APC, you can use the ATEM Software Control or the ATEM Camera Control Panel to adjust your BMPCC settings remotely ! Which means minimal changes in your Live Production workflow. You can control the same settings as the URSA Mini Pro or URSA Brodcast, which includes Shutter / Iris / WB / Gain / some Primary color correction and Zoom (see compatibility section for the list of controllable settings)

Since the BMPCC 4K / 6K doesn’t have an SDI input connectors like the other Blackmagic studio cameras, the LPC converts the SDI program feed from the switcher into a Bluetooth signal that the BMPCC can read. The LPC only requires a 12V DC connection to operate. It also features and SDI loop out port if you want to daisy chain another Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Please note that you still have to take the pocket HDMI signal and send it to the switcher.


⚠️ Prior to purchase, please read the compatibility section carefully, to make sure you have the proper camera, switcher, gimbal and to see which settings you can control.

In the Box :

  • 1x APC
  • 1x 12V Power Supply
  • 1x Bluetooth Antenna
  • (Optional) 1x 3m/9.8Feet Ronin 4Pin to 3Pin Control Cable (requires DJI Focus Wheel) 

Shipping weight : 0.6kg / 24x16x11cm

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