Fiber Camera Box PTZ 12G

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Product Info

Compact dual channel optical converter which transforms a double 4K SDI In + 4K SDI Out + LAN IP 1G signal into a single optical fiber cable through a robust Neutrik OpticalCon Duo connector. It is very similar to the Fiber Camera Box 12G, the only difference is the added 1G LAN port at the back, which makes it ideal for PTZ cameras!

- Three cables in one, made for efficiency, long distances… and PTZ!

Ever felt the time-consuming task of pulling three different SDI cables to a single camera , one for the input, one for the return feed and one for LAN control ? The Fiber Camera Box 12G merges these three cables into one single Optical fiber cable, which is more lightweight and much more reliable than traditional copper BNC cables since it is insensitive to all electromagnetic interferences. You can run your fiber cable over thousands of miles with zero dropouts…. in 4K!  

- Rugged converter, designed for field use 

The compact size, aluminum body and VLock clamp of the converter makes it ideal for on-camera use. Featuring both an SDI Input and SDI Output, the camera operator can also receive the program video (or any other video) from the control room. Since the Blackmagic Camera Control & Talkback protocol is also supported, it is the perfect companion for an URSA Broadcast , an URSA Mini or a Studio Camera 4K Pro. A  D-Tap to barrel 12V is included so that you can power the converter from your camera. 

- Industry standard & widespread fiber connector 

The Neutrik Optical ConDuo connector makes this converter compatible both with widespread LC / LC fiber cables, as well as the rugged Optical Con Advanced Duo & Duo Lite cables by Neutrik, designed for field use and tough handling. The connector has a built-in automatic shutter that protects the fiber cores as soon as the cable is disconnected.

- Many possibilities with the Middle Fiber products 

Paired with a Fiber Dispatch 4 PTZ or another Fiber Camera Box 12G PTZ, unleash many configurations that will greatly  improve your day to day multi camera workflow!

- Compatibility (Read!)

The Fiber Camera Box PTZ 12G (Slave) can be used with the Middle Things Dispatch 4 PTZ 12G or the Fiber Camera Box SDI 12G (Master). The Fiber Dispatch 4 is not required. Two Fiber Camera Box PTZ can be connected together, but please note that a Slave unit has to be used with a Master and vice versa. You cannot connect a Slave to a Slave or a Master to a Master.

The Dispatch 4 PTZ acts as a Master device.  Other than this compatibility difference, the Slave and Master are exactly the same unit in terms of features.

Supported SDI video signals are 3G, 6G, and 12G  (max  2160p60 ) 

Technical Specifications

  • I/O connections: 12-24V DC IN , SDI IN , SDI OUT (up to 6G) , Neutrik OpticalCon Duo LC 
  • Input Voltage : 12-24V DC
  • Power Consumption : 
  • Fiber type : Single Mode 
  • Length :18cm / 7.1 inch
  • Width : 10.5cm / 3.95 inch
  • Depth : 3.5cm / 1.2 inch
  • Weight : 360g / 0.79 lbs
  • Storage Temperature : 14 to 140°F / -10 to 60°C
  • Package Weight :  0.5kg  / 1.1  lb
  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH) : 20cm x 14cm x 8cm |  7.87”x 5.5” x 3.1”  

In The Box :

  • 1x Fiber Camera Box PTZ 12G
  • 1x 12V Power Supply 
  • 1x VLock mount adapter